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Selling Has Changed For Good

Bounti Team

When was the last time you were delighted to receive a boilerplate cold email?

When was the last time you met a sales rep who wasn’t close to burnt out?

In an age where consumer expectations are at an all-time high, selling has changed. Gone are the days when one-size-fits-all tactics could drive sales. As a result, conversions decline. Everyone loses.

The world of sales stands at a crossroads. How can we bridge the gap between antiquated methods and the new demands of consumers? The answer lies at the intersection of human intuition and artificial intelligence, where AI-enabled sales execution is revolutionizing the  customer journey. From data-driven intelligence to predictive capabilities, these breakthroughs are equipping sales teams to adapt and excel in a landscape transformed by consumer savvy and personalization.

In the following sections, we will explore how these changes have redefined the way we engage with customers, what it means to truly personalize the buyer experience, and how embracing AI can elevate your sales process to new heights.

The New Personalization Paradigm


Consumption is changing.

Once, buyers encountered and experienced products in a linear way. They entered a large, catch-all funnel, and were sold to as one of many.

Today, each buyer is one of one. They are savvy, they do their own research, they expect and demand personalization.

What does this mean? It means that any customer who doesn’t get a personalized experience that feels ‘high touch’ will simply ignore any outreach that fulfills this expectation.

This puts big pressure on sales reps. They need to deeply understand their buyer’s pain point, and express in creative and engaging ways how their solution solves that pain point. This, of course, takes time. Most reps don’t have this time, so they continue with the old ways – which is why the status quo is experiencing diminishing returns.

We envision a world where talented sales reps can effectively adapt to this new reality – to the benefit of both themselves and their customers.

How to Adapt to the New World


No longer can the sales process be a linear, impersonal journey. Instead, the wave of personalization is surging, and sales representatives must ride this wave or risk being left behind.

How can sales teams adapt? The answer lies in AI-enabled sales execution. Here are some of the key ingredients that make up this new tech paradigm:

  • Connected Intelligence: Leveraging automation around data science and machine learning technologies, AI-enabled sales execution involves processing vast amounts of data from customer interactions, historical sales, and online activity. This always-up-to-date analysis creates a baseline of go what good and bad looks like when it comes to buyer and customer interactions and this allows personalized recommendations.
  • Full Funnel Coverage: Recognizing that pipeline is the fuel for growth, AI-enabled sales execution starts at the beginning. By offering prospecting briefs and insights, it helps sellers break through the noise, turning lead generation into high conversion activity. This approach then carries the customer relationship all the way to end, offering coverage from PG all the way to close.
  • Closes-the-Loop: AI-enabled Sales learns along every step of the way, gets better and then operationalizes those learnings across your whole organization – meaning that everybody adopts the behaviors of your best reps.
  • Predictive Capabilities: More than evaluating past actions, AI-enabled sales execution provides proactive recommendations. It anticipates needs, helping sales teams prepare and execute in advance, winning the buyer from the beginning.
  • Adaptability: AI-enabled sales execution shouldn’t force a new framework; it should build on your sales process. It uses your defined best practices and activities to learn and provide insights, ensuring a seamless integration into your existing winning process.
  • Hyper-Personalized Enablement: Empowering sales teams with world-class tools and support, AI-enabled sales execution tools generate the templates, training and action plan based on context and person in real-time. It's an alignment with the top revenue enablement strategies that give the sales team an edge.

In a world where buyers are savvy and expect high-touch, personalized experiences, AI-enabled sales execution is not just a tool; it's a necessity. By embracing this technology, sales teams can not only meet the expectations of today's consumers but excel in delivering what they need.

The future of sales is here, and it’s AI-enabled.


At Bounti, our company's vision is to leverage AI to change the way human beings work forever. We believe in the power of AI to enable humans to learn from each other quickly and operationalize those learnings swiftly. We want to help companies create a culture of rapid, blameless learning and improvement – for every single customer-facing team.

Our approach is tailored for go-to-market teams and customer-facing teams alike. Our platform connects across different disparate data sources, detects patterns, and notifies and activates human representatives with appropriate context. This leads to automating tasks like prospecting, pipeline generation, research, and outreach.

Our goal is to make the consumption journey more personalized for buyers and customers, and to make the sales process more aligned, effective and predictive. By combining human intelligence with machine capabilities, this new approach offers a novel way to enhance the seller experience, making it adaptable and fit for the future.

The way forward is clear: Embracing AI in customer-facing roles is not just an option but a necessity. Businesses that take this step not only align with the ongoing trends but position themselves to be leaders in providing unmatched, personalized experiences for their customers. By integrating AI and human intuition, we are shaping a new era that places consumers at the center of everything we do, powered by technology and guided by values.

Robots won’t take over the world – but AI-enabled sales execution just might.


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