OUR Company

Bringing joy to sellers with the help of AI

Our Mission

Synergy of Technology and Talent

AI-Enhanced Strategies for Human Excellence
Leverage AI to help humans
We aren’t trying to replace humans. We’re here to help them excel.
Enable teams to be their best
We create a more bountiful future for everyone by fostering a blameless, always-learning culture.
Help great products win
We equip sales teams with the right tools at the right time so that no great product fails.

Meet the Innovators

The Minds and Hearts Powering Bounti's Vision
Ashar Rizqi
Co-Founder & CEO
Matt Cooley
Co-Founder & COO
Lew Cirne
Board Member
Cathy Rotering
VP of Engineering
Garrett Scott
VP of Marketing
Scott Witucki
VP of Sales
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Our Investors
Bloomberg Beta
Octaave Ventures
Our Values

The Essence of Our Identity

Integrity, Respect and Kindness
We hold ourselves to the highest standard. We show gratitude, admit mistakes, and lift each other up.
Collaboration and Transparency
We work together. We believe that we do our best work when everyone has the opportunity to contribute and thrive without fear.
Customer-Centric Excellence
Our commitment to customers drives everything we do. We're focused on results and value that resonate with those we serve.

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