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Bounti streamlines warm and cold prospecting, quickly elevating response rates and conversion, delivering results in minutes not months.
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Instantly ramped teammates.

Bounti becomes a fully ramped AI-BDR in minutes not months, learning from your existing content, use cases, case studies, and more to start prospecting immediately.
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Drive higher engagement through personalized pitches.

Get unique pitches custom-tailored to each of your prospects based on their role and how you can sell them.
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Effortlessly capture the attention of your prospects.

Bounti's powerful AI technology uses your customized prospect profile to generate hyper-personalized messages to any ICP you sell to. Say goodbye to generic AI-generated emails, every message is unique to each prospect.
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I love how easy it was to get up and running with the Bounti team. We were able to get my team of BDRs up and prospecting in no time.
James Barton
James Barton
Sr. Director of Business Development at Security Scorecard
The hyper-personalized messaging and automated research is next-level. Bounti means we can reach the right prospects with the right message in a fraction of the time.
Ross English
Ross English
Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Financial Officer at Timios
We can't live without Bounti, this has been a total game-changer for my team. My reps are more productive than they have ever been, this technology is the future.
Bryce Aberg
Bryce Aberg
Vice Chairman at Cushman & Wakefield

How do we do this?

With the help of AI, Bounti effortlessly streamlines your prospecting workflow.

Let our AI research for you

Create your unique Seller Profile to power your specific-to-you research. Simply upload and share your use cases, personas, case studies, and more, Bounti will handle the rest.
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Get unique briefs for every target account

Bounti will generate an ever-evolving brief of your prospect’s news, pain points, and more
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Hyper-personalized prospect-specific messages

Our AI will use your unique use cases and detailed research to generate unique messages you can use in an email or LinkedIn message.
How we do this

Unlock Your Sales Potential Today

Experience the power of Bounti's automation suite and sell more effortlessly.
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