The State of Prospecting: 2024 Survey

We surveyed 800 front-line sellers on the current state of prospecting. They revealed a strong interest in adopting AI tools to enhance productivity, customize outreach, and refine prospecting strategies. See highlights or access complete information with the button.
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The Challenge: Selling is a Grind

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Almost 3/4 of respondents
report that sales quotas and targets are a source of stress for them.
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66% of sellers
reported spending more than an hour researching each new prospect.
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Over half of respondents
don't feel motivated in their working environment  and are frustrated
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Only 23% of sellers
write personalized custom emails to drive their meetings.
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50% of people
reported taking between one and three hours a week to research new prospects.

More than 1/3

reported they only send generic emails they've written to drive meetings.
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The Good News:
AI-Based Tech Can Help

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3 out of 4 respondents
they believe they could save at least an hour by eliminating the task of creating personalized emails for prospects.
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Over 66% of respondents
feel having access to data-driven insights for upselling, new business, and churn prediction is important in their role.
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2 out of 3 respondents
want to explore AI selling tools and are eager to adopt AI driven tools into their prospecting and outreach processes.
Respondents believe that anywhere from
1-10 hours of work per week could be saved
by eliminating the work of creating custom tailored emails for prospects.
2 out of 3 of sellers
believe AI can help their jobs either somewhat or a lot.
3 out of 4 sellers
reported that easily personalizing their outreach would help improve their work a little or a lot.
I love how easy it was to get up and running with the Bounti team. We were able to get my team of BDRs up and prospecting in no time.
James Barton
James Barton
Sr. Director of Business Development at Security Scorecard
The hyper-personalized messaging and automated research is next-level. Bounti means we can reach the right prospects with the right message in a fraction of the time.
Ross English
Ross English
Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Financial Officer at Timios
We can't live without Bounti, this has been a total game-changer for my team. My reps are more productive than they have ever been, this technology is the future.
Bryce Aberg
Bryce Aberg
Vice Chairman at Cushman & Wakefield

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