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We remove all the tedium of research and remove time it takes to trawl through drafts of emails. In seconds, after you fill out some basics, you get the lowdown on the company you’re after in a super digestible brief with spot-on pitches to match.


Input Some Seller Profile Basics

The first step in making sure Bounti is working at its full powers, requires you to enter some basic details. Enter some information on your prospects as well as use cases from your company. This will help Bounti in crafting why your company's solution is the key for the prospects you are after.


Add Some Quick Persona Details

Next, get specific so Bounti can help you target your prospects even better. Enter a bit of information on who it is you are exactly trying to reach. Head of Sales? VP of Demand Gen? Where is the company located? What size is it? All the basics.


Input Your Value Proposition

Enter in your use cases and case studies here to help Bounti in crafting why your company's solution is the key for the prospects you are after. Bounti can read PDFs and links.


Add Your Prospects

After you add them in, Bounti will generate lookalike accounts for you. You will have even more time on your hands to reach out to more potential customers with all the work Bounti automates for you.


Receive Your Pitch and Cliff Notes

Here’s where the magic happens! After you’ve got the basics entered on you and your target, watch Bounti fill you in on the latest you need to know. Bounti pulls from news, reports and more from across the web then distill that intel into notes which appear side-by-side with a few versions of what the perfect pitch could look like.


Make a Coffee While Bounti Serves Up The Perfect Email

Bounti gives you a few quick bullet points on the goals, pains, responsiblities and more of your targeted persona to better inform how to perfect your pitch. Navigate over to the left menu and see other strong personas within your target company you potentially should contact.


Make Another Coffee While Bounti Uncovers New Accounts

Alternatively, if you so desire, you can add in a new contact from the target company beyond the generated list Bounti made. Keep on contacting and outbounding with Bounti at your side! Messages and pitches can be crafted specific to email, Linkedin, phone call and beyond!

I love how easy it was to get up and running with the Bounti team. We were able to get my team of BDRs up and prospecting in no time.
James Barton
James Barton
Sr. Director of Business Development at Security Scorecard
The hyper-personalized messaging and automated research is next-level. Bounti means we can reach the right prospects with the right message in a fraction of the time.
Ross English
Ross English
Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Financial Officer at Timios
We can't live without Bounti, this has been a total game-changer for my team. My reps are more productive than they have ever been, this technology is the future.
Bryce Aberg
Bryce Aberg
Vice Chairman at Cushman & Wakefield

How do we do this?

With the help of AI, Bounti effortlessly streamlines your prospecting workflow.

Let our AI research for you

Create your unique Seller Profile to power your specific-to-you research. Simply upload and share your use cases, personas, case studies, and more, Bounti will handle the rest.
How we do this composition

Get unique briefs for every target account

Bounti will generate an ever-evolving brief of your prospect’s news, pain points, and more
How we do this

Hyper-personalized prospect-specific messages

Our AI will use your unique use cases and detailed research to generate unique messages you can use in an email or LinkedIn message.
How we do this

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